What is the vision of The Potter's Wheel?

Or put more simply - what is the goal of this ministry? Or even more simply - What you doin'? Our major focus is to partner with churches in developing their own retreat ministry and/or providing retreat opportunities for their staff and congregation. Very few churches offer sustainable retreats that challenge their members to grow deeper spiritually. Joe has a passion to help churches and groups provide meaningful and successful retreats for their folks. While there are many retreat speakers available, we know of no ministry which is dedicated to training retreat leaders within the church. Joe being a certified SDI facilitator also works with leadership teams and church staffs to help build stronger teams while exploring each person's strengths and abilities in the workplace.

How is the ministry funded?

We have been blessed with individuals and churches who believe in our ministry and have a desire to see it reach out to more people. As a result they provide either one time gifts or monthly support to our ministry. A portion also comes from fees collected for speaking and retreat leading.

How can I support The Potter's Wheel?

The Potter's Wheel is a 501c(3) minsitry. Your contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated! Please visit our support page for more information.

Are all your retreats held at Country Lake?

While we use Country Lake Christian Retreat as often as possible, we also make use of several smaller retreat facilities as well as leading retreats closer to our partnering churches.

How can I pray for The Potter's Wheel?

We covet your prayers. Here are a few special requests:

  • That we continually remain open to God's vision for this ministry as He grows it. Pray for boldness in initiating and patience in developing.
  • Boldness in fund-raising mixed with trusting in God for our support.
  • Praise and thanksgiving that God has called Joe and his family to do a totally new ministry. Who are we to be so blessed?
  • Thanksgiving for God's provision.